Teachers are the best jobs in the world
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Teachers are always the jobs that bring the most different experience from the other. It is not only the happiness when receiving your students’ “thank you” or the sympathetic teardops of your students but also your anger because of their mischief.

To be honest, not all days have been a bed of roses. Some days, you would lie in bed and wonder why you chose this profession but, on most days, you go to bed happily, knowing that on that day you have made an impact on someone’s life.

The exciting and different experience

When you are a teacher, every day is different from the other. There is no routine in your work and, therefore, you wake up each day expecting new challenges. This is one of the best things about this profession. You learn how to be flexible despite having your lesson plans. For examples, children learn and understand things at different speeds hence, you may need to take more time to help one student understand what the rest of the class already has; or, a child may fall sick in school and you may have to get him to the hospital to get medical attention. It means whatever you had planned for the day will have to be done a different day.

Being a teacher for students of a exact age group is not easy but being a teacher for student at different ages is absolutely more difficult. It means you have to learn how to be patient to each group of students and understand them accordingly. Nowadays, most teachers are working at English centers and schools; besides, they are doing part-time jobs. And online teachers are up-to-date favorite trend. Teachers can teach wherever and whenever they like so you need to follow up each student’s performance and their level.

Additionally, there is no greater feeling than the feeling you get when you have won the trust of a student and saw a happy parent. And the gratefulness you receive from your students and their parents will be the motivation to keep your inspiration for being a teacher.

Learn new things

Additionally, you are constantly learning new things. As an English teacher, there have been many new useful English vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms that are a part of dictionaries today but were not when you started teaching and some of the knowledge that you have learnt are from your students. The information always being shared by two ways and you will receive a lot for yourself from your students.

People think that teaching is an easy job, espeacilly teaching language.The change and growth in technology has had a great impact in our education system. With the development of online libraries and eBooks being easily available, information has literally been put in our hands. Technology has had a positive impact on education as students prefer to read books from their phones or computers wherever they are instead of going to the library and reading old, dog-eared books. Moreover, technology also makes it easy to communicate with students about the timetable, exams and other activities so adapt to the usage of technology is really essential today.

Not all days are good days when you are a teacher, there are many challenges that come with this profession. But at the end, you will receive your roses when you go to bed and promise yourself to try more to create possitive impact on the young generation.

Improve your skills as a teacher and impact the lives of your students today!